Best Runway Concept Ideas for Kids

When it comes to a fashion event, creativity is everything. Organizing a catwalk for adults is challenging enough, moreover a kid’s fashion show. Designers would need to prepare the best runway concept idea not only for the audiences but the little models as well. Maintaining a few numbers of kids is not an easy job to do.

For a fashion show, designers would not only need to pay attention to the attire, the makeup, and the model. But it is also important to provide a great runway design for the catwalk and the audiences as well. The fashion designers would need help from other people for the venue, the backdrop, and lighting and even the sound. Here are some of the best runway concept ideas for kid’s attire that are cute and also adorable.

1. The Outdoor Runway

One of the concepts the designers could use is an outdoor runway. Of course, the venue does not have to be outside, especially when it is a rainy or cold season. However, designers could change the venue into an outdoor area with grasses as the runway floor. The runway, backdrop, and audience should also be decorated with some outdoor elements. Not only it would give a great nuance to the kids but also to the audiences as well.

2. The Playground Runway

Another best runway concept ideas for kids is using a playground theme. Designers could decorate the runway as fun as a playground. By giving some balls, bubbles, and balloons into the venue. However, be careful of giving too many elements into the runway, because it would distract the audience’s attention. As for the music, play playful music where kids could dance while entering the runway.

3. The Playful Runway

Holding a playful runway is a great idea for kids runway. Kids could enter the path using some playful toys such as a scooter, roller skates or even skateboards. The concept is about playful kids using the most comfortable yet stylish clothes. Moreover, kids could give a little performance with their toys while on stage. This would entertain the audience because of their cute acts on stage.

4. The Siblings Runway

For kids that are might too small to wall down the runway, they could be accompanied by older kids. Withholding hands together, the designer could use a sibling theme for the runway. The nuance would be lovely and warm for the audiences and also for the models. Walking together on the runway would give some alternatives for the audiences to enjoy an outfit with two different looks.

5. The Café Runway

A café runway would also be the best runway concept ideas for kids. Rather than using a mainstage in the middle with audiences surrounded it, use a café concept instead. The audiences are seated in circle tables like a café and the kids would walk around. Not only walking but the kids could also interact with the audience by giving some candies or some balloons.

A fashion show is not only about the outfit and accessories. But it is also about the runway and how the models deliver it to the audiences. The designers must use the best runway concept ideas to support their masterpiece of fashion.