unique face mask ideas

Unique Face Mask Ideas to Protect You During Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the coronavirus outbreak, face mask becomes very important. Even more important than any other stuff we used to think it’s important. But, a medical face mask is only for a paramedic. So, some people come up with unique face mask ideas. Check the list below choices of masks made of fabric:

1. Monster Face Mask

The monster face mask is one one custom unique face mask ideas that you can try. Meanwhile, you can print some scary or cute faces of a monster at the center of the mask. If you have enough fabric and pattern, then you can make this by yourself. It is up to you to make it an ear loop or head loop.

2. Animal Face Mask

Another from the list of unique face mask ideas is by adding an animal face to the masks. Actually, if you have a sewing machine, you can sew it by yourself. Simply find a piece of fabric in different colors and then draw animal face patterns. Then, sew the animal pattern on the masks. Superb!

3. Mouth Mask Muffle

This one is suitable for men and women. This masks usually come in black color and has various type of teeth shape on it. Meanwhile, this mask is simple but eye-catching so make sure you have all the series. Also, it made of thick fabric so it will protect you from dust, pollen, and droplets.

4. Filter Pocket Mask

The next from the list of unique face mask ideas is made of leftover cloth of material. This mask is unique because it has a filter pocket so you can fill it with cloth or paper towel. Furthermore, it is very effective to protect you from droplets of infected people or vice versa.

5. Washable Stretch Mask

Face masks can also be made from stretch fabric. Stretch fabric is practical and easy to use because it needs no string for earloop or head loop. Moreover, this mask is washable and reusable so it is very efficient. Even though it is made of very thin material, yet it is very comfortable.

6. Now Sew Face Mask

This one is unique because you don’t have to sew it. All you need is just a piece of fabric, handkerchief, scarf, and rubber band or hair bands. So, simply fold the fabric or handkerchief and insert rubber band or hair band on each edge. Well, your mask is done and you can slip it in your ear.

7. Face Mask from Unused Bra

If you have an unused bra, then you can turn it into a face mask. Simply cut them into two parts and sew a string on each edge for ear loop. But, if you feel a bit shy about using a bra as a face mask, then you can cover it with cotton fabric.

The unique face mask ideas are so popular during coronavirus spread. It is because people search for another alternative of face masks instead of using medical face masks. But, make sure that the fabric is thick enough so it can protect you properly from virus trigger such as droplets. Also, try to have more than one face mask.

upcycled skirt to top dress

Upcycled Skirt To Top Dress Ideas You Must Try

Do you have some old skirts and don’t know what to do with them? It is time to sharpen your creativity by transforming them into other valuable clothes. And here are 5 ideas of upcycled skirt to top dress.

1. Accordion Pleated Mini Skirt to Shoulder Cape

With its wide style, the accordion mini skirt is suitable to be made as a shoulder cape. It is better if the material is a floaty and flexible fabric. So, it will give an elegant impression when you wear it.

To make it not looks like a skirt you can throw away the rubber. Consider replacing it with a string or ribbon. So, you will be able to adjust the width. You can be entwining your neck or you showing your clavicle.

2. Mini Straight Skirt to Crop Top

This one may be the easiest upcycled skirt to top dress. It is because a mini straight skirt has a length that almost the same with the length from armpit to waist. So, you only need to raise it.

For another style, you can make it upside down. Raise the skirt up past your shoulder. Also, let the rubbery part make it stuck under your chest. 

You can make a hole on each side for inserting your hand. Make the holes natty. Don’t forget to adjust the top circumference with your clavicle.

3. Ankle Flared Skirt to Shoulder Strap Dress

The first thing you need to do here is determining the length and width of the straps. You will take the straps from the bottom part of the skirt. For the length, you can take it as the skirt circumference.

Don’t worry if it will be too short. It will be long enough or even exceeding because a flared skirt has a long circumference. Meanwhile, the ideal width is about 3 to 5 cm. That measure will be the reference where to cut. 

To make it natty, you need to cut for double the width you want. You also need the same size for the side belts. It aims to curve your body because the skirt is large. So, the length of the skirt may be diminished by about 20 to 35 cm.

Put the straps on the waist part. You can cut the excess fabric if it is too long. But it is also good if you want to let it be a style. Then, add the belt too so you can tie it.

4. Draped Skirt to Halterneck Dress

Actually, this one is more suitable for a sarong draped skirt. It is because you will use the end of the coil as a halter. However, you can still use any drapes skirt design. Just make sure the drape is long enough to be raised.

You need to cut or release the end of the coil. Then, pull it until the length can surround your neck. Connect it to another side. 

Measure the proportion, then sew it when it has been fit. Because of the hole may have the same size as your head, it is better if the material is spandex.

5. Maxi Gore Skirt with Waistband Yoke to Mini Jumpsuit

To make it be a jumpsuit, you need to measure the skirt waist to half of your thigh. Then, cut it at that line. Make that part to be like short pants.

For the other part, you can use it for making the top. Because this is a maxi gore skirt, it certainly is large enough. So, you can make any style you want but still adjust with your size.

Those are 5 ideas of upcycled skirt to top dress. Don’t throw your old skirts away. Just upcycle and make it more valuable. Another benefit, people will think that you always get new clothes.

what to wear for first date drinks

5 Tips Of What To Wear For First Date Drinks For Lady

The first date is a determinant for subsequent dates.  The first date is the first impressions of the couple.  Therefore, using appropriate clothing is a must.  First impressions will assess your appearance from hair to toe.  Here are 5 tips of what to wear for first date drinks for lady, namely:

1. Wear Something Simple but Elegant

Simple dress but elegant is what to wear for first date drinks. You can use a long dress or knee-length that shows your beautiful legs. The dress does not have to be expensive, but the capital is classy.

Make your partner more impressed with the dress you wear.  Dress, of course, must be polite for this first date, because the show is more relaxed.

2. Wear Matching Dress and Shoes

Wearing shoes that match the dress will make you look more fashionable, using the right shoes that are not too high because the first date drinks is a relaxed event.

The use of shoes with not too high will make you look more polite.  Don’t overdo it just because you want to impress your partner.  Be reasonable even when speaking. Precisely wearing high heels on the first date will make you look impolite. So, choose with no too high heels.

3. Don’t be Exessive on Accessories

Because this is a casual event, what to wear for first date drinks is to not use excessive accessories.  Excessive accessories on a casual occasion will make you tacky.  Surely your partner will feel uncomfortable.

Being beautiful and impressing does not have to be with excessive accessories.  Excessive accessories will make your partner uncomfortable when you see it.  You certainly don’t want this to happen.  Therefore, use simple accessories, for example, earrings and necklaces with simple shapes. Besides being practical, using these accessories can make you not free to move.

4. Choose for Soft Color

Color selection should also be able to adjust.  You can choose colors that are soft and not flashy.  Pastel, soft pink and baby blue colors are the right colors for this event.  Your appearance will look more luxurious, even if you wear a dress with a simple dress color and shape.

Soft colors will make your appearance more tidy and polite, you will create a combination of colors that are suitable for your appearance.  Soft colors are suitable for a first date. So your style is available with the eye.

5. Be Modest

The last tip on what to wear for first date drinks is to adjust to the date.  Make sure first, where you are going.  Make sure beforehand, so you don’t wear the costume wrong.

Using modest clothes can make you more respected.  One will be rewarded one of them for what is worn.  Wear open clothes, not good but will make you unappreciated and disrespectful to your partner.  Even worse, you will be labeled cheap by using open clothes.

Those are some ideas for using what to wear for first date drinks.  Dating is a means to get to know one another.  For this reason, first impressions should not go unnoticed.  A partner’s assessment of their appearance is a major consideration for their next dates.

unique fashion from the best independent brands

Unique Fashion From The Best Independent Brands For Kids

In the past view decades, many new brands appear. Not only that, but the existing brands have also keep developing their brand and models. It is all to keep existing in the fashion mode and its market. One of the fashion industry that is increasing is kids fashion. Parents pay more attention to their kid’s outfit. That is why the kid’s fashion industry is also growing. There is much unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids.

People nowadays would also choose an independent brand rather than the big famous ones. It is because people are willing to support the local and small brands in their area. One of the countries is in Indonesia. There are many cute and adorable local brands that people could choose. Moreover, the models are unique as well. Here are some of the unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids in Indonesia.

1. Tiger Timmy Kids

The first local brand that parents could choose is “Tiger Timmy Kids”. This brand focuses on kid’s t-shirt. The material is comfortable for kids to use. Moreover, kids would need a cool material for their daily activity. But also a material that could absorb wet as well. Kids would often get sweaty during their activities. A great thing about this brand that the designs are mostly for unisex. For those who have both daughter and son, could mix and match the t-shirts.

2. Circus Mircus

The next unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids is Circus Mircus. It is a local brand that has many unique and cute fashion outfit for kids. Not only the models, but the patterns and the colors are unique as well. The brand provides outfits for both boys and girls. As for the type of clothes, it is available starting from home clothes, casual clothes up to formal clothes as well.

3. Jumma Kids

The next best local brand for kids is Jumma Kids. It has many great kinds of clothes for kids. What is unique and different about this brand is that most of the clothes are using printing pictures. The printing pictures on the clothes are super good. Moreover, the pictures, patterns, and colors are interesting for kids. People could get this brand on the online market and also on several local markets in Jakarta.

4. Toff Top 8

The other unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids is Toff Top 8. It is a local brand from Bandung but it also has a store in Tangerang. This brand is focusing on the tops of the clothes for kids. But still, there are several pants and dress too. Toff Top 8 is not unique but also stylish for kids to use.

5. Hello Biyo

Hello Biyo is also a great option for parents to choose for their kids. Not only for kids, but the brand also provides clothes for a toddler as well. The models of this brand are unique and modern. There are many kinds of clothes that it offers, including custom clothes matching with their mom.

The unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids in Indonesia is all well qualified. Moreover the prices as well as cheap enough. However, it still has great quality.

how to be a fashion influencer on instagram

Tips On How To Be A Fashion Influencer On Instagram For You

Being an influencer on Instagram has become a popular occasion these days. Starting from food, fashion, traveling, and more. Even though there are a lot of people starting to specialize in this profession but it is a promising one. One of the fields, that people could start is as a fashion influencer. Not only it would inspire people in styling, but also people could look fabulous at the same time. There are many tips on how to be a fashion influencer on Instagram.

To become a fashion influencer, people would be inspiring many things. Starting from clothes, footwear, hairstyle, accessories, bags, and more. Moreover, people would also share about their beauty routines that would also support their fashionable look. For those who are on the progress to become one, here are useful tips on how to be a fashion influencer on Instagram.

1. Use a Business Account

The first step to do to become a fashion influencer is to use a business account. Try not to buy an account or followers on Instagram. The app could now read on which account that buys followers. With using the business account, it would gain people’s trust to follow the account. Moreover, write an interesting bio on the account. It would give information to people who do not know us yet.

2. Often Post New Content

The next tip on how to be a fashion influencer on Instagram is to often post new content. However, do not upload too often. Moreover, try on uploading different content every day. Not only informing people about the brands and the materials. But also, they should upload some tips and tricks on fashion. It would interest people for following the account.

3. Interact with Followers

Even though being an influencer, people should not only upload content. But also, they should interact with people as well. Once influencer replies comments or messages, people would feel happy about it. Moreover, it would increase the account’s engagement. As an addition, people could also repost some of the tags from followers. It would consider other people to follow the account as well because they also know that the account is active.

4. Expand the Connection

Another tip on how to be a fashion influencer on Instagram is to expend the connection. Do not be shy about getting acquainted with new people especially with other fashion experts. They could give new info and education about fashion. Moreover, try to always be updated with the fashion industry and brands. Whether local or international.

5. Use the Marketing Tools

Another thing to do for influencers to increase their profile is to use marketing tools, especially on Instagram. There are plenty of marketing tools on Instagram that people could use. Starting from the feed, the stories, Instagram ads, and more. Try to learn each tool one by time because it is useful for influencers.

However, to become an influencer takes time. So, make sure to often to do the tips on how to be a fashion influencer on Instagram. With being discipline, people could success faster.

best office attire for spring

Best Office Attire for Spring- A Nice Outfit to Start New Season

Spring will be coming soon and there will be something that changes. Be it the temperature, or the scenery even the way people dress up also changes. That also works on the office workers. The change of season will have an impact on the outfit they have to wear. And that’s why before spring comes, you should prepare the outfit that matches that season, including office attire. If you still have no idea, you can see the list of the best office attire for spring.

best office attire for spring

1.  New Season, A New Suit

At expected the best office attire for spring is a suit. It is an outfit that suits the worker most. However, the suit for winter is different for the spring. In this new season, you can choose to combine a blazer with trousers. A colorful suit will be good for the spring. 

As for the blazer, you can choose one with the button to make a masculine vibe. But as for the color, choose a soft color that looks feminine for the balance. And for the trousers, striped printed trousers may look good for you. Match the color with the blazer to give more impact.

2. Metallic Skirt And Sweater

Though spring is coming, that doesn’t mean the cold will go away. So, to keep the body warm you can wear a sweater and a skirt. Try to combine different materials for the attire like a knitted sweater and a silky skirt.

For the color of your outfit, you can choose whatever you like but remember to choose the same color. To make it looks not a boring get up, choose a metallic color for the skirt.

3. A Fresh Season With Leather Mini Skirt

An attire that suits for officer lady the most is a mini skirt. Of course, you have to match it with the right top or else it will be a no-no. A leather mini skirt will do if you combine it with a nice top like a sweat.

Don’t forget to choose the shoes that match the attire. A slide or flat shoes maybe work well with that coordinate. Welcomes spring with a new fresh attire 

4. Sweater Dress For Spring

A sweater still a favorite attire for spring. That because it’s warm and appropriate to wear in an office. The attire for office usually combines the sweater with a skirt or pants, however, you can try a little thing. A sweater dress maybe a nice choice if you want to change the moods. It will look nice on you more if the sleeve is big.

To make it nicer on you choose a sweater that has two colors. Boots shoes will make your attire perfect.  With this dress, you will feel comfy in the office yet still charming.

A new season means a new attire. But it doesn’t mean that you have to throw out your previous outfit. You still can do a mix and match to get the best office attire for spring. And now, let’s amaze people around you with how stunning you are on those outfits.

unique dress code ideas

Top 5 Unique Dress Code Ideas For Your Next Party

Do you want to have a plan to throw a unique and interesting party? So, you have to prepare many things, including thinking about a unique dress code. If you’re looking for inspiration about unique dress code ideas, this article is right for you.

unique dress code ideas

This is because you will have many choices of dress code ideas that are perfect for your party. In addition, you can also choose a dress code that matches the theme of the party. Here are unique dress code ideas which you can make as a reference:

1. Tight and Bright

If you want a dress code that is unique but also simple, this dress code theme is right for you. You can wear tight clothes with bright colors. For example, you can mix and match neon color leggings with colorful crop tops.

Moreover, you can complement your appearance by using accessories such as bright color bandanas and rainbow socks. By choosing this dress code, you will return to the 1980s!

2. Country Style

Make the party lively with a country-style dress code theme. You can wear cowboy clothes; wear a hat and a leather vest. In addition, you should also use leather boots to support your appearance.

If you don’t like a leather jacket or vest, you can wear a plaid flannel shirt and a short span skirt. In addition, you can also wear cut bray pants or ripped jeans. Complete your appearance by wearing a belt that has large buckles.

3. Fairy Tale Theme

You can go back to your childhood by wearing a fairy tale dress code. For women, you can wear a ball gown that is very beautiful and luxurious. Or, you can realize your favorite fairy tale characters like red riding hood, Ariel mermaid, or even Tinkerbelle.

As for men, you can wear a suit with a crown over your head. Or, you can wear unique costumes like Pinocchio, Aladdin, or Seven Dwarfs. Thus, this will remind you of princess stories that usually exist in fairyland.

4. When I Grow Up

When you were little, what would you like to be when you grow up? This dress code theme will make you realize your dreams when you were little. If you want to be a doctor, firefighter, or even become a zookeeper, you can wear the costume.

In fact, you can also wear an astronaut costume, lawyer, or even a pirate. There are many costumes that you can use if you choose this dress code theme. That is why this is one of the best and unique dress code ideas.

5. Apocalypse

Have you ever wanted to wear a zombie costume? Or, do you want to be an apocalypse survivor? You can make your dream come true if you choose the dress code apocalypse theme.

To make your appearance more optimal, you need to prepare fake blood and also some torn clothes for you to wear. Moreover, you can also complement your dress code with hideous and disgusting makeup.

To sum up, the unique dress code ideas will never end. This is because there will be a lot of fun and interesting unique dress codes to choose from. Make your party even more exciting by choosing a unique and extraordinary dress code!

How to Choose an Online Casino

With regards to picking an online gambling club there are a larger number of decisions today than there have ever been previously. This makes choosing where to play a to some degree confounding yet significant assignment. In this article we give you a few pointers on the most proficient method to pick and online club and what factors you ought to consistently search for before you start playing.

Here at All slot online we broadly test and survey the entirety of the club that we list which guarantees that the entirety of the online gambling clubs you will discover on our webpage merit playing at. The following are a portion of the elements that we consider “Must Have” and that you ought to consistently search for when concluding whether to play at a club or not.

1. Club License
Above all else you should just ever play at gambling clubs that are legitimately authorized. There are many authorizing locales around the globe including however not restricted to Gibraltar, Alderney, Kahnawake, Malta, Curaçao and the Isle of Man. The authorizing procedure guarantees that gambling clubs stick to severe security and reasonableness rules.

2. Programming Provider
We prescribe staying with club that utilization surely understood programming suppliers. These suppliers incorporate Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming, IGT and Net Entertainment. These product suppliers are all freely reviewed all the time and have a long reputation.

3. Your Location
As of late your area has gotten probably the greatest factor with regards to picking an online club. For instance players from the USA have a littler selection of club contrasted with players from the UK. In our online club area we list first class gambling clubs for an assortment of locales which is a decent spot to begin.

4. Payout Percentages
We like to see straightforwardness with regards to payout rates. All great online gambling clubs are glad to distribute their game payout rates. Search for free payout rate surveys on the gambling clubs site before you start playing.

5. Bolster Options
Bolster choices are not something that strikes a chord straight away when you’re searching for a spot to play. They are anyway significant as sooner or later you will most likely need to connect with the club. We search for cost free telephone numbers just as email or LIVE Chat support. Client support staff should likewise be accessible day in and day out.

6. Installment Options and Security
Secure installments are clearly an unquestionable requirement have however you additionally need to see a decent scope of various store and withdrawal techniques. There is no point joining a gambling club on the off chance that they don’t acknowledge the installment choice you need to utilize. Installment of rewards ought to likewise take no longer than 48 hours to be handled despite the fact that getting your rewards may take longer dependent on the withdrawal technique you select.

7. Rewards and Promotions
While you may feel that going for the greatest reward is a smart thought we will in general look somewhat more profound and search for gambling clubs that have clear extra terms and conditions. You ought to consistently be effectively ready to discover the betting necessities for a specific advancement. Rewards are the main source of objections so clearness is an unquestionable requirement.

8. About Us
Again on straightforwardness, gambling clubs ought to have no issues distributing data about themselves. You will frequently discover this on an “About Us” page on their site. In the event that you don’t discover this on the club site, at that point you can demand more data.

Last Notes
The eight focuses recorded above are the way to finding respectable online gambling clubs. While we search for considerably more when posting a club they are a decent beginning stage and will guarantee that you just ever play at great gambling clubs. On the off chance that you need to hop directly into the activity, at that point read our Online Casino Reviews or look at the Top Rated Online Casinos.

how to wear beanie

How To Wear Beanie To Boost Your Self Confidence

When the weather is cold, you have to warm yourself using a jacket. In addition, you also have to warm your head, for example, you can wear a beanie. However, you should not carelessly wear beanie so you don’t look awkward. Therefore, you must know how to wear beanie properly.

how to wear beanie

Beanie is a hat made of thick knitted wool. However, now you can use beanie as a fashion accessory for men and women even during hot weather. To support your appearance to be more stunning, here is how to wear beanie that you should know:

1. The Standard

When you are first wearing a beanie, you must not be confident. This is because beanie is one type of hat that has no shape. So, when you put it wrong you look worse. You can wear a beanie in the standard style.

This style is the most effective way to warm your head but you are still stylish. You can wear a beanie on your head without cuffing it so that your ears are covered completely. Try to cuff your beanie right above your eyebrows.

2. The Steve Zissou

This style is perfect for those of you who like the hipster style. You can choose the fisherman beanie model that is currently trending. Or, you can also use a beanie with a standard model and roll it twice.

You can wear a fisherman beanie model in front of or behind your head. If you want to show your hair, you can wear a beanie on the back of your head. So, you can show your front hair a little.

3. The Single Cuff

This style is a common style applied by many people when using beanie. This is because this model is very practical but you still look stylish. Besides, if you are cold you can use this style so that your ears are warmer.

You can choose this style if you have bad hair days or want to look casual. Cuff your beanie once and wear it over your head. However, make sure all parts of your ears are not completely covered.

4. The High Top

If you want to look cool when wearing a beanie, you must choose this style. You can wear a beanie over your head and pull the tip of the beanie so that it creates a falling effect.

However, make sure your beanie does not cover your ears and the gap is far enough. You can also add a cuff to your beanie and show your front hair a little. Now you know how to wear beanie to look cool and stylish, right?

5. The Robin Hood

If you want a different beanie style look, you can try this style. Don’t fold your beanie in front, but you can fold your beanie in the back. So, above your ear, there will be a diagonal cuff beanie.

Of course, this style is the same as the hat model from Robin Hood. If you are cold, you can cover all parts of your ear using this style.

How to wear beanie is quite tricky, but you can apply those 5 styles. Choose one of these styles so that you look cool and boost your self-confidence. You are no longer ashamed if you want to use beanie because you already know the various styles of wearing the beanie.

True example of fashion disaster

True Example Of Fashion Disaster You Never Imagine

You might think fashion is about something that happening or simply said as a trend. But, furthermore, fashion also talks about your manner through appearance. So, it is okay not to follow what most people use. As long as you show the right expression with time and context, you are the fashionable person. However, there is still an improper expression so it becomes the true example of fashion disaster.

True example of fashion disaster

Surprisingly, the true example of fashion disaster sometimes comes from the public figures. No matter they are male or female when you see the red-carpet show, you will probably find this epic moment. It starts with the dress model, accessories, shoes, bags, hats, and others. Below are several examples that remind you not to do the same mistake:

1. Saggy Pants and Boxers

These two fashion items are always together. Indeed, the guy will look cool with the boxer and the pants. Moreover, when they wear a belt too. But, sadly, not all men can meet them properly. If you wear pants too low until people can see almost the part of your boxer, then you just did a fashion disaster.

2. Word in the Butt

You might often see women’s skirts or pants with a word behind. Yes, it is exactly put on the center of the butt. This is absolutely a fashion disaster when then the word is not proper or highlight a certain impression. On the other hand, maybe a woman wants to show an important message. But it becomes bad when you don’t do it in the right way.

3. Dirt Jeans

It is good actually when you want to show something naturally, for example, through dirty jeans. Today there are a lot of jeans with dirty design. However, if the design is not in the portion, the jeans will look ugly for you. Instead of making you look humble, people will think you have cleaned yourself yet.

4. Pajamas on the Street

Recently many famous people are wearing pajamas in public. They ignore what people might think about them. It is okay if you want to follow this way. But make sure that you wear it in the right place and time. Also, see your face in the mirror before going out. You are not Selena Gomez or Justin Beiber, so bring a proper face while you are wearing pajamas along the street.

5. The Leggings

Some people are getting advantages from the absence of leggings. But, not all of you can look good with it. Learn from people’s mistakes who wear leggings on the public. First, they don’t combine with the right outfit. Second, the body just not supports to wear legging very well. And the rest you can figure out, just prepare to be amazed!

Actually, there are still lots of fashion disasters around the world. It is fun when you find it from famous people. Because they are supposed to be the ones who never do this mistake. But once the fashion police caught them, they are absolutely the true example of fashion disaster.