Hijab Retro Style Fashion That You Can Try

Wearing a hijab doesn’t mean that people can’t dress as they like and just wear normal clothes. These days, there are many kinds of styles that even people who wear the hijab can apply. One of the popular style that people are using these days is the hijab retro style fashion. When people hear the word retro, they think of an old fashion style. This is not wrong but by mixing it up the right way people can still get a young modern look. 

The key in hijab retro style fashion is the color and the motive of the clothes. Usually, retro is known with polka dot and wide pants. If you can’t wear them the right way, then it can look strange and old to some people. Therefore, make sure to adjust the look so you can still look young and fabulous. Here is some hijab retro style fashion that you can try for your daily looks:

1. Polka dot Shirt – Skirt

For a woman who wants to look girly can mix a polka dot shirt with a long skirt and hijab. Choose a shirt that is not too long and match it with a long wavy skirt. An example of this look is a brown polka dot shirt with a grey skirt and hijab. To make the look more perfect people can add a necklace and watch to make it look more modern. Bring a brown sling bag and wear white flat shoes then you are ready to hang out with your friends.

2. Wide Pants & T-shirt

Wide legs are also an iconic part of retro fashion that people can use. Now to make the look still young and look good on you, use a plain color shirt or a patterned shirt. However, don’t use an oversized shirt because it will make you look smaller. Also, you are already wearing a wide pant, so it will just not match. Add a matching hijab with the shirt and pants then you will look stunning. For the shoes, you can sneakers to make them look a bit sporty too. 

3. Windbreaker Jacket

Jackets are not only used for cold weathers, but they can also be used for retro style. A jacket that can show a hijab retro style fashion is windbreaker jackets. Mix them up with some wide or cutting pants and a thin shirt so that it doesn’t get too hot. 

4. Square pleated skirts

Another idea of skirts that people can use is a square pleated that people can sometimes see as a uniform. Although some countries use them as a uniform, they can still be used for fashion. Use a plain and soft color for the shirt so that it can still look retro. 

5. Overall & Flannel Shirt

Retro style is also famous with its overall and flannel shirt that will never fade away. People can match them up with a hijab and sneakers to make them look old and young at the same time. Add a necklace and a sling bag to make them look even better than before. 

So, hijab retro style fashion is a fashion that any woman can have and apply. It is easy, and it isn’t complicated with too many accessories. Try searching for your parent’s clothing, maybe they can be used for a retro-style fashion. 

Fashion Items You Should Avoid Wearing to Work

Looking professional and mature for work is a must when it comes to outfits for work. Therefore, choosing the right outfit and accessories to work can sometimes be challenging but fun at the same time. However, wearing the same kind of outfit every day can be boring and dull. So, sometimes people try to find new fashion items to wear to work. However, there are some fashion items you should avoid wearing to work. Sometimes there are fashion items that can only be worn for bars or cafes that can be used in offices. 

Before wearing some new fashion items, it is best to consider whether the item is appropriate or not for work. Some offices just have strict rules for their employee’s outfit. Whereas some others give freedom to their employees to wear whatever they like. However, there are some fashion items you should avoid and not wear even for freedom offices. Here are the lists that you should avoid for work:

1. High Heels

Wearing high heels to work is ok, but if the heels are too high then it will not be right for work. People at work will need to move from one place to another, therefore wear something that is comfortable. Wearing heels that are too high can cause people to hardly move and even cause people to fall. Therefore, choose comfortable shoes or heels that can help you move easily. 

2. Diamonds

If you are going to a party, then wearing many diamonds is ok. But if you are just going to work, then it is better to take them off. Wearing too many diamonds can also be dangerous because you attract people with them. Just use simple diamonds that don’t show off too much and doesn’t look like it is over. Wear simple rings or earing with small diamond is much safer to work. 

3. Too Much Perfume

Smelling good after a day of work is what everyone would like to be. Therefore, some people spray too much perfume at one time therefore the smell can be disturbing. So, use a small amount only but spray it 2-3x a day so that you will smell good. This way is better than spraying too much at once. So, this is one of the fashion items you should avoid wearing too much. 

4. Sunglasses

If your work is not on the beach or outside the room, then you shouldn’t wear sunglasses at work. Wearing them to work is ok, but it is better to take them when you are in the office. Who will wear sunglasses to work anyway on a cloudy day?

5. Tight Clothes

Wearing loose clothes is the best option for working people. With loose clothes, people can move easily without having to worry. On the other hand, if people wear tight clothes, usually they will not feel comfortable. They will keep looking at their clothes to prevent things from happening. 

So, these are some of the fashion items you should avoid wearing especially at work. Wear only fashion items that are comfortable and suit your work. Don’t wear something that is strange and too showing to work. 

Best Runway Concept Ideas for Kids

When it comes to a fashion event, creativity is everything. Organizing a catwalk for adults is challenging enough, moreover a kid’s fashion show. Designers would need to prepare the best runway concept idea not only for the audiences but the little models as well. Maintaining a few numbers of kids is not an easy job to do.

For a fashion show, designers would not only need to pay attention to the attire, the makeup, and the model. But it is also important to provide a great runway design for the catwalk and the audiences as well. The fashion designers would need help from other people for the venue, the backdrop, and lighting and even the sound. Here are some of the best runway concept ideas for kid’s attire that are cute and also adorable.

1. The Outdoor Runway

One of the concepts the designers could use is an outdoor runway. Of course, the venue does not have to be outside, especially when it is a rainy or cold season. However, designers could change the venue into an outdoor area with grasses as the runway floor. The runway, backdrop, and audience should also be decorated with some outdoor elements. Not only it would give a great nuance to the kids but also to the audiences as well.

2. The Playground Runway

Another best runway concept ideas for kids is using a playground theme. Designers could decorate the runway as fun as a playground. By giving some balls, bubbles, and balloons into the venue. However, be careful of giving too many elements into the runway, because it would distract the audience’s attention. As for the music, play playful music where kids could dance while entering the runway.

3. The Playful Runway

Holding a playful runway is a great idea for kids runway. Kids could enter the path using some playful toys such as a scooter, roller skates or even skateboards. The concept is about playful kids using the most comfortable yet stylish clothes. Moreover, kids could give a little performance with their toys while on stage. This would entertain the audience because of their cute acts on stage.

4. The Siblings Runway

For kids that are might too small to wall down the runway, they could be accompanied by older kids. Withholding hands together, the designer could use a sibling theme for the runway. The nuance would be lovely and warm for the audiences and also for the models. Walking together on the runway would give some alternatives for the audiences to enjoy an outfit with two different looks.

5. The Café Runway

A café runway would also be the best runway concept ideas for kids. Rather than using a mainstage in the middle with audiences surrounded it, use a café concept instead. The audiences are seated in circle tables like a café and the kids would walk around. Not only walking but the kids could also interact with the audience by giving some candies or some balloons.

A fashion show is not only about the outfit and accessories. But it is also about the runway and how the models deliver it to the audiences. The designers must use the best runway concept ideas to support their masterpiece of fashion.

Famous Fashion Model Under 25 Years Old

The fashion industry would not be complete without the presence of fashion models. Fashion models are important to support the fashion industry. They support and campaign the product to the market and make it more interesting. Being a fashion model is no easy at all. They need to look as perfect as possible not only in front of cameras but also on the runway. Nowadays, more talented and beautiful young new ladies are taking over the famous fashion model industry.

The young ladies are not even 25 years old yet, but they are already famous models. Some of them are the child of a famous actress while others are no one that has become someone. Moreover, these ladies are not just beautiful, but surprisingly they also concern about social and environmental issues. To get to know more about these young ladies, here is the top list of the young famous fashion model.

1. The International Hijab Model, Halima Aden

Before becoming a famous model, Halima joined Miss Minnesota USA which is a beauty contest. Although she only ran out as a semi-finalist her perform was outstanding and attract the model industry lovers. She was born from a refugee camp in Kenya and lived in limitations. However, at the age of 19, Halima has become of the most famous young fashion model.

2. The Famous Kendall Jenner

Who does not know Kendall Jenner? A young talented independent woman that has success as a famous fashion model. Growing up in a celebrity family helped her career. However, the first thing she did was not modeling. Instead, she was a celebrity like the other family members in a reality TV Show. In the age of 14, she signed up as a model in one of an agency and become successful until now on.

3. The Diet Role Model, Lani Baker

Lani Baker is an American Model and Blogger that is famous for modeling popular brands. She was the model of Neiman Marcus, Caycee Black, Exit Peru, and more other brands. Besides modeling, she is also famous for sharing her diet tips and health story. It is popular not only on Instagram but also on her blog. She started to become a model after joining the LA Models Agency.

4. The Stunning Gigi Hadid

The next famous fashion model is Gigi Hadid. She started to become a model when she was two years old. However, she didn’t continue until she finished school. Gigi Hadid is famous not only because she presents the famous fashion brands such as Vogue and Elle. But people also know her because she currently goes dating with hot stars.

5. The multi-talented Hailey Bieber

Hailey’s first major success in modeling was she joined the London Fashion Week. She had an outstanding performance which then made her become famous and successful. Not only she pursues modeling but she is also a co-host and works in the “Work to Weekend” Campaign.

Being a famous fashion model is more than just being slim and physically beautiful. To become success models also need to be smart and healthy as well. Modeling is not an easy task that everybody could be.