Hijab Retro Style Fashion

Hijab Retro Style Fashion That You Can Try

Wearing a hijab doesn’t mean that people can’t dress as they like and just wear normal clothes. These days, there are many kinds of styles that even people who wear the hijab can apply. One of the popular style that people are using these days is the hijab retro style fashion. When people hear the word retro, they think of an old fashion style. This is not wrong but by mixing it up the right way people can still get a young modern look. 

The key in hijab retro style fashion is the color and the motive of the clothes. Usually, retro is known with polka dot and wide pants. If you can’t wear them the right way, then it can look strange and old to some people. Therefore, make sure to adjust the look so you can still look young and fabulous. Here is some hijab retro style fashion that you can try for your daily looks:

1. Polka dot Shirt – Skirt

For a woman who wants to look girly can mix a polka dot shirt with a long skirt and hijab. Choose a shirt that is not too long and match it with a long wavy skirt. An example of this look is a brown polka dot shirt with a grey skirt and hijab. To make the look more perfect people can add a necklace and watch to make it look more modern. Bring a brown sling bag and wear white flat shoes then you are ready to hang out with your friends.

2. Wide Pants & T-shirt

Wide legs are also an iconic part of retro fashion that people can use. Now to make the look still young and look good on you, use a plain color shirt or a patterned shirt. However, don’t use an oversized shirt because it will make you look smaller. Also, you are already wearing a wide pant, so it will just not match. Add a matching hijab with the shirt and pants then you will look stunning. For the shoes, you can sneakers to make them look a bit sporty too. 

3. Windbreaker Jacket

Jackets are not only used for cold weathers, but they can also be used for retro style. A jacket that can show a hijab retro style fashion is windbreaker jackets. Mix them up with some wide or cutting pants and a thin shirt so that it doesn’t get too hot. 

4. Square pleated skirts

Another idea of skirts that people can use is a square pleated that people can sometimes see as a uniform. Although some countries use them as a uniform, they can still be used for fashion. Use a plain and soft color for the shirt so that it can still look retro. 

5. Overall & Flannel Shirt

Retro style is also famous with its overall and flannel shirt that will never fade away. People can match them up with a hijab and sneakers to make them look old and young at the same time. Add a necklace and a sling bag to make them look even better than before. 

So, hijab retro style fashion is a fashion that any woman can have and apply. It is easy, and it isn’t complicated with too many accessories. Try searching for your parent’s clothing, maybe they can be used for a retro-style fashion.