how to wear beanie

how to wear beanie

How To Wear Beanie To Boost Your Self Confidence

When the weather is cold, you have to warm yourself using a jacket. In addition, you also have to warm your head, for example, you can wear a beanie. However, you should not carelessly wear beanie so you don’t look awkward. Therefore, you must know how to wear beanie properly.

how to wear beanie

Beanie is a hat made of thick knitted wool. However, now you can use beanie as a fashion accessory for men and women even during hot weather. To support your appearance to be more stunning, here is how to wear beanie that you should know:

1. The Standard

When you are first wearing a beanie, you must not be confident. This is because beanie is one type of hat that has no shape. So, when you put it wrong you look worse. You can wear a beanie in the standard style.

This style is the most effective way to warm your head but you are still stylish. You can wear a beanie on your head without cuffing it so that your ears are covered completely. Try to cuff your beanie right above your eyebrows.

2. The Steve Zissou

This style is perfect for those of you who like the hipster style. You can choose the fisherman beanie model that is currently trending. Or, you can also use a beanie with a standard model and roll it twice.

You can wear a fisherman beanie model in front of or behind your head. If you want to show your hair, you can wear a beanie on the back of your head. So, you can show your front hair a little.

3. The Single Cuff

This style is a common style applied by many people when using beanie. This is because this model is very practical but you still look stylish. Besides, if you are cold you can use this style so that your ears are warmer.

You can choose this style if you have bad hair days or want to look casual. Cuff your beanie once and wear it over your head. However, make sure all parts of your ears are not completely covered.

4. The High Top

If you want to look cool when wearing a beanie, you must choose this style. You can wear a beanie over your head and pull the tip of the beanie so that it creates a falling effect.

However, make sure your beanie does not cover your ears and the gap is far enough. You can also add a cuff to your beanie and show your front hair a little. Now you know how to wear beanie to look cool and stylish, right?

5. The Robin Hood

If you want a different beanie style look, you can try this style. Don’t fold your beanie in front, but you can fold your beanie in the back. So, above your ear, there will be a diagonal cuff beanie.

Of course, this style is the same as the hat model from Robin Hood. If you are cold, you can cover all parts of your ear using this style.

How to wear beanie is quite tricky, but you can apply those 5 styles. Choose one of these styles so that you look cool and boost your self-confidence. You are no longer ashamed if you want to use beanie because you already know the various styles of wearing the beanie.