Tips for choosing winter outwear

Tips for choosing winter outwear

Tips for Choosing Winter Outwear For Your Fabulous Look

Winter is coming. We know sometimes you wish winter outwear like Sansa Stark. But unfortunately, you live in this cruel world that demands you to look chick during winter. Don’t worry, there are several tips for choosing winter to outwear that can make you look elegant. Moreover, keep you warm during the freezing day. Spare your time to look at the list below:

Tips for choosing winter outwear

1. Pay Attention to the Fabric

The first in the list of tips for choosing winter outwear is to make sure it made of 100 percent wool. Some brand claims that their fabric is wool, but actually only 20 percent of it. The rest will be nylon or spandex which is not good enough for winter. Otherwise, if the fabric is polyester, it will not keep you warm in the snow.

Failure in choosing the right fabric can cause you to sweat rather than a warm feeling. Besides, if you get sweaty inside your winter outerwear, you will get stinky. Simply buy winter outerwear from reputable brands such as Zara or H&M. Fortunately, it is affordable.

2. Be Critical About the Size

In the winter you will be wearing layers of clothes. So, your coat or jacket should be bigger than your usual cloth size. Additionally, choosing the right size will make you comfortable. Mostly, the wrong size of a coat can cause a problem in moving your arm. Because it’s too tight there.

Having enough room for your layers inside is a must. When you buy it, don’t hesitate to spend more time to choose the right size. To be sure, you can try to put some layers when you try your winter outerwear. It will help you simulate your winter size.

3. Pockets Are Important

Just because you have your gloves on doesn’t mean you don’t need a pocket anymore. On a freezing day, tucking your hand inside them is very comfortable. Besides, pockets on your coat will make you look adorable. You must have noticed how Kate Middleton always looks stunning in a coat with pocket, haven’t you? You can do that too.

4. Don’t Forget the Insolated Layer

We understand that you need to be warm in freezing winter. But, you must pay attention too to your body heat circulation. Good winter outerwear is something that can circulate your body heat with the temperature outside. And that is why you must consider the insulating layer in your winter outerwear.

5. Weight of Your Winter Outerwear

Another tip for choosing winter outerwear is to measure the weight. A coat or jacket doesn’t have to be heavy to keep you warm. As long as they choose the right fabric, they can keep you warm. Though, they use a thinner fabric. Some brands are using the super duty layer to keep the user warm and dry but still feel light.

After knowing tips for choosing winter outwear you can now dress properly during winter. To be safe, just choose a neutral color such as black, brown, blue or grey. Winter might be freezing, but it doesn’t mean to freeze your style too. Happy winter everybody!