True example of fashion disaster

True example of fashion disaster

True Example Of Fashion Disaster You Never Imagine

You might think fashion is about something that happening or simply said as a trend. But, furthermore, fashion also talks about your manner through appearance. So, it is okay not to follow what most people use. As long as you show the right expression with time and context, you are the fashionable person. However, there is still an improper expression so it becomes the true example of fashion disaster.

True example of fashion disaster

Surprisingly, the true example of fashion disaster sometimes comes from the public figures. No matter they are male or female when you see the red-carpet show, you will probably find this epic moment. It starts with the dress model, accessories, shoes, bags, hats, and others. Below are several examples that remind you not to do the same mistake:

1. Saggy Pants and Boxers

These two fashion items are always together. Indeed, the guy will look cool with the boxer and the pants. Moreover, when they wear a belt too. But, sadly, not all men can meet them properly. If you wear pants too low until people can see almost the part of your boxer, then you just did a fashion disaster.

2. Word in the Butt

You might often see women’s skirts or pants with a word behind. Yes, it is exactly put on the center of the butt. This is absolutely a fashion disaster when then the word is not proper or highlight a certain impression. On the other hand, maybe a woman wants to show an important message. But it becomes bad when you don’t do it in the right way.

3. Dirt Jeans

It is good actually when you want to show something naturally, for example, through dirty jeans. Today there are a lot of jeans with dirty design. However, if the design is not in the portion, the jeans will look ugly for you. Instead of making you look humble, people will think you have cleaned yourself yet.

4. Pajamas on the Street

Recently many famous people are wearing pajamas in public. They ignore what people might think about them. It is okay if you want to follow this way. But make sure that you wear it in the right place and time. Also, see your face in the mirror before going out. You are not Selena Gomez or Justin Beiber, so bring a proper face while you are wearing pajamas along the street.

5. The Leggings

Some people are getting advantages from the absence of leggings. But, not all of you can look good with it. Learn from people’s mistakes who wear leggings on the public. First, they don’t combine with the right outfit. Second, the body just not supports to wear legging very well. And the rest you can figure out, just prepare to be amazed!

Actually, there are still lots of fashion disasters around the world. It is fun when you find it from famous people. Because they are supposed to be the ones who never do this mistake. But once the fashion police caught them, they are absolutely the true example of fashion disaster.