what to wear for first date drinks

what to wear for first date drinks

5 Tips Of What To Wear For First Date Drinks For Lady

The first date is a determinant for subsequent dates.  The first date is the first impressions of the couple.  Therefore, using appropriate clothing is a must.  First impressions will assess your appearance from hair to toe.  Here are 5 tips of what to wear for first date drinks for lady, namely:

1. Wear Something Simple but Elegant

Simple dress but elegant is what to wear for first date drinks. You can use a long dress or knee-length that shows your beautiful legs. The dress does not have to be expensive, but the capital is classy.

Make your partner more impressed with the dress you wear.  Dress, of course, must be polite for this first date, because the show is more relaxed.

2. Wear Matching Dress and Shoes

Wearing shoes that match the dress will make you look more fashionable, using the right shoes that are not too high because the first date drinks is a relaxed event.

The use of shoes with not too high will make you look more polite.  Don’t overdo it just because you want to impress your partner.  Be reasonable even when speaking. Precisely wearing high heels on the first date will make you look impolite. So, choose with no too high heels.

3. Don’t be Exessive on Accessories

Because this is a casual event, what to wear for first date drinks is to not use excessive accessories.  Excessive accessories on a casual occasion will make you tacky.  Surely your partner will feel uncomfortable.

Being beautiful and impressing does not have to be with excessive accessories.  Excessive accessories will make your partner uncomfortable when you see it.  You certainly don’t want this to happen.  Therefore, use simple accessories, for example, earrings and necklaces with simple shapes. Besides being practical, using these accessories can make you not free to move.

4. Choose for Soft Color

Color selection should also be able to adjust.  You can choose colors that are soft and not flashy.  Pastel, soft pink and baby blue colors are the right colors for this event.  Your appearance will look more luxurious, even if you wear a dress with a simple dress color and shape.

Soft colors will make your appearance more tidy and polite, you will create a combination of colors that are suitable for your appearance.  Soft colors are suitable for a first date. So your style is available with the eye.

5. Be Modest

The last tip on what to wear for first date drinks is to adjust to the date.  Make sure first, where you are going.  Make sure beforehand, so you don’t wear the costume wrong.

Using modest clothes can make you more respected.  One will be rewarded one of them for what is worn.  Wear open clothes, not good but will make you unappreciated and disrespectful to your partner.  Even worse, you will be labeled cheap by using open clothes.

Those are some ideas for using what to wear for first date drinks.  Dating is a means to get to know one another.  For this reason, first impressions should not go unnoticed.  A partner’s assessment of their appearance is a major consideration for their next dates.