Unique Face Mask Ideas to Protect You During Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the coronavirus outbreak, face mask becomes very important. Even more important than any other stuff we used to think it’s important. But, a medical face mask is only for a paramedic. So, some people come up with unique face mask ideas. Check the list below choices of masks made of fabric:

1. Monster Face Mask

The monster face mask is one one custom unique face mask ideas that you can try. Meanwhile, you can print some scary or cute faces of a monster at the center of the mask. If you have enough fabric and pattern, then you can make this by yourself. It is up to you to make it an ear loop or head loop.

2. Animal Face Mask

Another from the list of unique face mask ideas is by adding an animal face to the masks. Actually, if you have a sewing machine, you can sew it by yourself. Simply find a piece of fabric in different colors and then draw animal face patterns. Then, sew the animal pattern on the masks. Superb!

3. Mouth Mask Muffle

This one is suitable for men and women. This masks usually come in black color and has various type of teeth shape on it. Meanwhile, this mask is simple but eye-catching so make sure you have all the series. Also, it made of thick fabric so it will protect you from dust, pollen, and droplets.

4. Filter Pocket Mask

The next from the list of unique face mask ideas is made of leftover cloth of material. This mask is unique because it has a filter pocket so you can fill it with cloth or paper towel. Furthermore, it is very effective to protect you from droplets of infected people or vice versa.

5. Washable Stretch Mask

Face masks can also be made from stretch fabric. Stretch fabric is practical and easy to use because it needs no string for earloop or head loop. Moreover, this mask is washable and reusable so it is very efficient. Even though it is made of very thin material, yet it is very comfortable.

6. Now Sew Face Mask

This one is unique because you don’t have to sew it. All you need is just a piece of fabric, handkerchief, scarf, and rubber band or hair bands. So, simply fold the fabric or handkerchief and insert rubber band or hair band on each edge. Well, your mask is done and you can slip it in your ear.

7. Face Mask from Unused Bra

If you have an unused bra, then you can turn it into a face mask. Simply cut them into two parts and sew a string on each edge for ear loop. But, if you feel a bit shy about using a bra as a face mask, then you can cover it with cotton fabric.

The unique face mask ideas are so popular during coronavirus spread. It is because people search for another alternative of face masks instead of using medical face masks. But, make sure that the fabric is thick enough so it can protect you properly from virus trigger such as droplets. Also, try to have more than one face mask.