Unique Fashion From The Best Independent Brands For Kids

In the past view decades, many new brands appear. Not only that, but the existing brands have also keep developing their brand and models. It is all to keep existing in the fashion mode and its market. One of the fashion industry that is increasing is kids fashion. Parents pay more attention to their kid’s outfit. That is why the kid’s fashion industry is also growing. There is much unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids.

People nowadays would also choose an independent brand rather than the big famous ones. It is because people are willing to support the local and small brands in their area. One of the countries is in Indonesia. There are many cute and adorable local brands that people could choose. Moreover, the models are unique as well. Here are some of the unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids in Indonesia.

1. Tiger Timmy Kids

The first local brand that parents could choose is “Tiger Timmy Kids”. This brand focuses on kid’s t-shirt. The material is comfortable for kids to use. Moreover, kids would need a cool material for their daily activity. But also a material that could absorb wet as well. Kids would often get sweaty during their activities. A great thing about this brand that the designs are mostly for unisex. For those who have both daughter and son, could mix and match the t-shirts.

2. Circus Mircus

The next unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids is Circus Mircus. It is a local brand that has many unique and cute fashion outfit for kids. Not only the models, but the patterns and the colors are unique as well. The brand provides outfits for both boys and girls. As for the type of clothes, it is available starting from home clothes, casual clothes up to formal clothes as well.

3. Jumma Kids

The next best local brand for kids is Jumma Kids. It has many great kinds of clothes for kids. What is unique and different about this brand is that most of the clothes are using printing pictures. The printing pictures on the clothes are super good. Moreover, the pictures, patterns, and colors are interesting for kids. People could get this brand on the online market and also on several local markets in Jakarta.

4. Toff Top 8

The other unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids is Toff Top 8. It is a local brand from Bandung but it also has a store in Tangerang. This brand is focusing on the tops of the clothes for kids. But still, there are several pants and dress too. Toff Top 8 is not unique but also stylish for kids to use.

5. Hello Biyo

Hello Biyo is also a great option for parents to choose for their kids. Not only for kids, but the brand also provides clothes for a toddler as well. The models of this brand are unique and modern. There are many kinds of clothes that it offers, including custom clothes matching with their mom.

The unique fashion from the best independent brands for kids in Indonesia is all well qualified. Moreover the prices as well as cheap enough. However, it still has great quality.