Upcycled Skirt To Top Dress Ideas You Must Try

Do you have some old skirts and don’t know what to do with them? It is time to sharpen your creativity by transforming them into other valuable clothes. And here are 5 ideas of upcycled skirt to top dress.

1. Accordion Pleated Mini Skirt to Shoulder Cape

With its wide style, the accordion mini skirt is suitable to be made as a shoulder cape. It is better if the material is a floaty and flexible fabric. So, it will give an elegant impression when you wear it.

To make it not looks like a skirt you can throw away the rubber. Consider replacing it with a string or ribbon. So, you will be able to adjust the width. You can be entwining your neck or you showing your clavicle.

2. Mini Straight Skirt to Crop Top

This one may be the easiest upcycled skirt to top dress. It is because a mini straight skirt has a length that almost the same with the length from armpit to waist. So, you only need to raise it.

For another style, you can make it upside down. Raise the skirt up past your shoulder. Also, let the rubbery part make it stuck under your chest. 

You can make a hole on each side for inserting your hand. Make the holes natty. Don’t forget to adjust the top circumference with your clavicle.

3. Ankle Flared Skirt to Shoulder Strap Dress

The first thing you need to do here is determining the length and width of the straps. You will take the straps from the bottom part of the skirt. For the length, you can take it as the skirt circumference.

Don’t worry if it will be too short. It will be long enough or even exceeding because a flared skirt has a long circumference. Meanwhile, the ideal width is about 3 to 5 cm. That measure will be the reference where to cut. 

To make it natty, you need to cut for double the width you want. You also need the same size for the side belts. It aims to curve your body because the skirt is large. So, the length of the skirt may be diminished by about 20 to 35 cm.

Put the straps on the waist part. You can cut the excess fabric if it is too long. But it is also good if you want to let it be a style. Then, add the belt too so you can tie it.

4. Draped Skirt to Halterneck Dress

Actually, this one is more suitable for a sarong draped skirt. It is because you will use the end of the coil as a halter. However, you can still use any drapes skirt design. Just make sure the drape is long enough to be raised.

You need to cut or release the end of the coil. Then, pull it until the length can surround your neck. Connect it to another side. 

Measure the proportion, then sew it when it has been fit. Because of the hole may have the same size as your head, it is better if the material is spandex.

5. Maxi Gore Skirt with Waistband Yoke to Mini Jumpsuit

To make it be a jumpsuit, you need to measure the skirt waist to half of your thigh. Then, cut it at that line. Make that part to be like short pants.

For the other part, you can use it for making the top. Because this is a maxi gore skirt, it certainly is large enough. So, you can make any style you want but still adjust with your size.

Those are 5 ideas of upcycled skirt to top dress. Don’t throw your old skirts away. Just upcycle and make it more valuable. Another benefit, people will think that you always get new clothes.